Monday, August 24, 2009

RTS recommends....not seeing Inglorious Bastards

I like movies. I like going to the movies. I worked at a video store or movie theater for 7 years combined, for God’s sake. But I think maybe I’ve seen too many movies because half of the movies I see now, I hate. Not apathy, not dislike, f-ing hate.

Inglorious Bastards is on the hate list. What’s even worse about this movie is that I know there aren’t going to be a lot of people that agree with me. Everyone’s going to say, “it was cool….it was funny….blah blah blah.” It’ll probably rival Scarface on my list of movies that are criminally overrated.

First, watch the trailer and then we’ll discuss.

Okay, it looks good, right? It looks like a Quinten Tarantino-Brad Pitt Nazi-killing bloody-as-hell violent fun action movie, does it not?

Well, calling this a Brad Pitt movie is a stretch. Out of the 150 minutes of the film (yes, 2.5 hours!), Brad Pitt is on screen maybe half of it. Talk about misleading. Then, other than the “we’re gonna kill some Nazis” and forest interrogation scenes from the trailer, the action and fun is few and far between.

Seriously, I implore you, save yourself the $10 and 2 and a half hours. I wouldn’t tell you wrong. Then again, I’m going to use this movie as a litmus test to determine whether people are stupid not, so maybe you should see it just so I can figure out if you have a brain.


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Chris said...

Just to confirm that idiots will love this movie, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt liked it.

(And yes, I'm aware how sad it is that I'm commenting on my own post).