Monday, August 3, 2009

If you haven't read it, it's still news

Rarely do news headlines grab me. Most of them are dumb, and I’ve pretty numb to the news industry in general (blogger rails against news media, how original!), however, today I was grabbed by not 1, but 2 headlines when reading The Commercial Appeal.

The first headline was, “Tugboat captain indicted on pornography charges.”

It’s nice to see someone out there has a sense of humor.

The second headline read, “Murder charge added to shoplifting.”

Really, when you get charged for murder, does anyone care whether you shoplifted or not? What next, “Alleged jaywalker linked to Presidential assassination plot.”

As if the headline wasn’t enough, read the story. This guy allegedly used his truck for a drive-by shooting last month. So, does he get out of town, or lay low for a while? No, he decides to use the same truck to rob a Walgreens. What does he rob the Walgreens of: “three cartons of Marlboros.”

This guy might have gotten away with murder if not for his need to rob a Walgreens of three cartons of cigarettes. That, my friends, is a real man of genius.



Anonymous said...

wow, just, wow!

MC said...

Man, the walgreens guy is an idiot!