Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stumbling towards vacation

I’m about to go on vacation for a week. I couldn’t just leave RTS hanging like that. So it’s time for a mammoth list of links.

Look, teabagging is a real problem that no one should suffer through. But if it happens to you, it’s probably best not to go on the news discussing it. Just move on, you know?

Calling this an epic fail doesn’t do this justice. What’s bigger than an epic fail…a life-altering fail?

Graham, can you send me your address? I’ve got a present for your newborn.

Pretty much every awesome moment from ‘80s movies.

This is brilliant idea. They should actually make some children’s books like this. It would be great bathroom reading material.

Not much else to say about this other than, this is a pretty cool video.

This is what growing up with a big brother is like, except multiple it by 16 years or so.

Fight Club music video. Still holds up.

This is why I don’t play baseball. Well, this and I don’t like chewing tobacco.

Cool 8-bit song with Lego animation.

“Try to bust your opponent’s balls”

I love smart asses.

Bungee jumping isn’t one of those things you can go into with doubts. Here’s why.

Native Americans FTW!

I’ve been watching this video everyday trying to hone my dance skills.

Good summer song.

This is like the ice cream truck for men.

I want what this guy is having.

One day I’ll be writing this song about the Memphis Grizzlies leaving town. Except the lyrics will simply be, “Who wants to cheer for a Michael Heisley team anyway?”

Please buy me this.

This pretty much sums up my college years.

There’s times when I feel old…you know…pretty much whenever I put it on MTV. But this video takes the cake.

Certain things define your lifetime. Most everyone remembers where they were when the Twin Towers were attacked, or when they first heard a Beatles song, or had their first kiss. Well, prepare to be wowed again. This video will change your life.