Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Questions

Here are a few of the questions rattling around in my cranium right now.

Why did Peter Gammons take it so easy on A-Rod?

How does any human being get as orange as that?

If the lighting guy screwed up the lighting in the biggest interview of the year, was he fired?

Why does Nate McMillan bother calling timeout before a last second play when all he does is give the ball to Brandon Roy at the top of the key and let him do his own thing?

When will Chris admit that I was right about John Salmons?

And Randy Foye?

Why did no one ever tell me that Applebee's makes a pretty good steak?

Whatever happened to the radio interview Chris and I were supposed to do?

Were we bumped for Darvin Ham?

Is Darvin Ham the lamest ex-NBA player you can get bumped for?

Or does that title belong to Uwe Blab?

What kind of music awards show puts Coldplay and Metallica in the same category?

How awesome was Radiohead's performance with the USC marching band?

Since when is there someone else out there besides me whose feelings regenerate at the twice the normal speed?

Why is Dancing With the Stars entering its eighth season, while Friday Night Lights is hanging by a thread?

Is Anquan Boldin a frigging moron?

Seriously, how many quarterbacks throw the ball as well as Kurt Warner?

Who's more evil, Comcast or the INS?

Why do studios continue to hire Nicolas Cage to star in their movies?

Where the hell is Barry Pepper these days? Seriously, he was thisclose to being a huge star.

What does it mean for SNL that last week's host was the eighth lead from that He's Just Not Into You movie?

Seriously, did Justin Long turn them down or something?

Why does Mario Kart for Wii insist on cheating?

Why are people bothering with that 25 Random Things on Facebook?

If Michael Phelps punched the guy who sent that photo of him smoking a bong to the tabloids in the face, would any jury in the world convict him?

Is Adam Carolla one of the three funniest people alive?

Seriously, what happened to our radio show? That was gonna be off the hook.

Do people still say off the hook?

1 comment:

Chris said...

Here's the answers to all your questions.

He was scared of roid rage.

HGH, hair gel and living near Jersey.

Probably not. Inept people seem to always have jobs.

Cause he can.

You weren’t, and you weren’t.

Cause you’re the only one that has had one.

We were obviously too big for them.

Sigh, probably.

Don’t you have to play for more than two seasons to be called an ex-NBA player?


The Grammys?

Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Because sports TV shows are never good, except for Hangtime.

He’s got to get paid.

Three: Brady, Manning and Brees.

Comcast is pure evil.

Because Raising Arizona and Con Air were awesome.

Watching Saving Private Ryan while drinking a fifth of Jack.

See my post about The Soup.

Does he turn down anything?

It’s way too hard for non-Asians.

Cause they have nothing better to do, sorta like us with this blog.

Yes, because punching people in the face, bong pictures and steroids are way more important than unjust wars and the new depression.

Behind me and you, perhaps.

Damn the man.

Only people over 30 trying to sound hip, sorta like you.