Thursday, February 26, 2009

The first annual RTS "Who is more pathetic" competition

Graham and I competed via email for who is the bigger loser. You be the judge of who the winner (or loser) was.

Graham: I was just on and noticed a link to a new Tiger Woods Nike ad. I thought I'd check it out so I gave it a click. I was sent to the page and had to sit through a 15-second commercial for a razor or something, before the Tiger ad came on.

In other words, I watched an ad before I could watch an ad.

So it's come to this.

Chris: That's pretty bad.

You know how I know I have no life. I saw a link on True Hoop about a guy that blogged about how playing rec basketball like Shane Battier would improve his game (after reading the Michael Lewis article). After reading the guy's blog, I was mad because I've been patterning my game after Battier for years on the hardwood and I could've written it ten times better. So yeah, I was jealous of another blogger for about 10 seconds before realizing how pathetic that sounds.

Graham: Is this turning into a version of the 40-Year-Old Virgin's “You know how I know you're gay” scene? Fine, bring it.

You know how I know I have no life? Monday night I was scrolling through the TV listings, and audibly groaned when I noticed that “How I Met Your Mother” was a rerun that night.

Chris: You know how I know I have no life...last night the Grizz were down 20 and I paused the game to make dinner so I didn't miss anything.

Graham: You know how I know I have no life? I've been getting worried that I haven't been playing enough Guitar Hero recently and my skills are eroding.

Chris: You know how I know I have no life? I just spent an hour setting my predraft fantasy baseball rankings because I won't be at the draft tomorrow night and I wanted to make sure that the people live drafting would be thrown off by my rankings being different than the standard ones. I had to find another websites' ranking to use because I don't even like baseball and thus can't rank players on my own.

The verdict is in….we’re both equally pathetic.

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