Friday, February 27, 2009

Kenny Rogers: Gangsta Rap Forefather?

I’m constantly amazed that there’s so much comedy in the world that has existed for decades and it takes me 28 years to find it. Watch this Kenny Rogers video and then we’ll discuss.

Okay, so Kenny Rogers writes a gang-rape ballad back in 1980 and no one ever talks about this? Seriously?

Was this one of the founding songs of gangsta rap? (Like you couldn’t imagine a rap song saying something along the lines of “They f-ed with my girl so now I’m gonna f them up.”)

Did this song provide one of the themes of Back to the Future (unable to back down from the “chicken” taunt)? As a matter of fact, did John Grisham have to pay royalties from A Time To Kill to Rogers?

Did this song really hit number 1 on the UK pop charts?

Did this song really get made into a movie?

Yes it did! I can get this from Netflix! I also love the fact that when I added this movie to my queue, it recommended this Chuck Norris gem.

And lastly, is Kenny Rogers implying that this guy shouldn’t have fought/killed/whatever the guys that gang-raped his girl? Really, that’s the story being told here? Turn the other cheek, even when the girl you love is gang-raped by three yokels who then laugh and taunt you afterwards? What a great message! I can’t wait to be on my deathbed and teach my son this lesson.



Anonymous said...

This is weird...the station here in Portland Carolla used to be on is running his best segments, and the other day they played they show where he and Norm MacDonald were riffing on this song.

Norm MacDonald and Adam Carolla together riffing on a song about gang rape. I was in tears.

Chris said...

Yeah, never heard this song before my brother sent it last week. It's absolutely nuts that a movie was made about this. A running diary will be coming once I get it from Netflix.

fruitncheese said...

I think you will like this movie. It is really a classic. I saw the ORIGINAL airing way back when I was a kid. And can you believe that Lillie did not send me out of the room during the gang rape scene? If I remember correctly, it was done very tastefully. In fact, I think it was many years after before I realized I had watched a gang rape scene at nine years old.
AND! the best part is that I received an autographed Kenny Rogers picture as a "bonus" for working on a job, and it is from "Coward of the County"!!

fruitncheese said...

Ok, I went back and watched that video. The movie is WAY better. that thing sucks!