Monday, August 30, 2010

NFL Preview Part 5 (NFC East)

I’m not sure what’s gotten into us, but Graham and I promised a full NFL preview, and, well, you’re getting one. What next, we uphold our wedding vows? Without further ado, we kick off our NFC preview with the NFC East.

Possibly the toughest division in the league. Dallas has talent, although they don't always capitalize. Romo isn't a top 5 QB, but you can make the case he's top 10, right? I like that offense when Romo isn't playing like the gunslinger. I really hate Cowboys fans though, so it'd be nice if they miss the playoffs again.

I think the Eagles are the best in this division. I trust the Kevin Kolb move. It seems a lot like Aaron Rodgers replacing Favre to me. I think Philly wins the division. At the very least, Andy Reid eats a lot.

The Redskins are a weird team. They've got some talent but probably not enough. The upgrade from Jason Campbell to Donovan McNabb is significant to me, as long as McNabb stays healthy. But other than Albert Haynesworth, I can't name one defender on their team. That's probably not good. Then again, I think NFC East games are terribly boring except for Eagles-Cowboys.

The Giants, meh. They scream 8-8 to me.

Dallas is the best team in this division, and should win easily. Which sucks because I hate them. But really- let's say Dez Bryant has even a decent rookie season- their passing game is him, Miles Austin, Jason Witten and Roy Williams. That's pretty damn good. Romo may not be a top-5 QB, and certainly not in the playoffs, but he's good enough that that group could be really, really good.

After that it's a jumble, and any of the other 3 teams can finish anywhere in the division. You like Kolb, but really, what do we have to go on with him? He's been good in spot duty, but what about as a starter? What happens if he gets off to a slow start (a Week 1 turd against the Packers would be nice) and the entire city and Philly media corps is bearing down on him? We have no idea how he'll react. And Brian Westbrook is gone, which could be a huge loss even though he was hurt most of last year. Philly is a big question mark.

Giants- whatever.

I don't like Washington. They'll be a bit better with Shanahan and McNabb, but they're not a threat to win the division. Maybe, maybe they sneak into a wild card spot if Philly and the Giants falter. But that's a big if.

So let me make sure I got the official preview for the Giants down.

Me - meh.
You - whatever.

You are welcome Giants fans.

Philly was 11-5 last year with LeSean McCoy playing more than Westbrook and with D-McNabb throwing 22 TDs and 10 INTs. Sure, there is a chance that Kolb sucks, but there's just as much pedigree with him to succeed this year as Aaron Rodgers had going into his first season. He's not a sure thing, but I like my chances with him. He comes into a good offense with playmakers (DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, hell, even Brent Celek). So I just don't think he craps the team. If he can keep the turnovers down, they should be fine. I'm not saying they'll go 13-3, but I think 11-5 is within reach, especially if they can go 4-2 in the division (split with Dallas, sweep either Wash or NY).

Did Dallas win the division last year? I thought they missed the playoffs. So Dallas spanked Philly in the playoffs and then got spanked by Minnesota? I mixed up last year and 2 seasons ago, when Philly spanked Dallas to get in the playoffs. Anyway, this is all very confusing for anyone reading this. I suppose my point is this, yes, Dallas should win the division, but Philly could still make the wild card. I think they're better than New York and Washington.

And please don't consider Roy Williams a good player. He's terrible.

Okay, here's my guess

1. Dallas (12-4)
2. Philadelphia (10-6)
3. Washington (7-9)
4. NY Giants (7-9)

Did I say this was the best division in football? I take that back.

I forgot about LeSean McCoy. Crap, I really need to start doing research before I write stuff. I'll give you that one. As for Roy Williams- I noted him as the fourth option. As far as fourth options go, he's not bad. And frankly, I don't blame Dez Bryant one bit for not carrying his pads. Bryant might double his receiving yards this year.

1: Dallas (12-4)
2: Philly (10-6)
3: NY Giants (8-8)
4: Washington (6-10)

Yeah, you need to do research before we post these things on RTS. We have a fanbase with expectations (hi Gary!) to adhere to.

I know, I've taken Gary for granted. My apologies, I promise to do half-hearted research from here on out.

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