Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 Weeks of Stumbles

I’ve let 6 weeks worth of good links build up and now it’s time to unleash them upon our rabid fanbase of 10 followers. Contain yourself!

This is pain.

Jersey Shore talking bobbleheads. They sell themselves, really.

The only disappointing thing about this video is the girl that kicks the ball stops after it happens. I would’ve kept playing and tried to score.

I like dancing in the street as much as the next guy. Just be careful out there, okay?

I’m so glad this wasn’t around when I was in college. Actually, I would’ve abused it the most, what am I talking about?

The guy that made this should’ve retired from basketball right then and there.

So very true.

Do you like car crashes and verbal abuse?

This is what you get for going on Glen Beck.

For your inner South Park dork.

I’m fine! I’m okay! I’m okay!

If we ever have an RTS Man of the Year, this guy would be at the top of the list for 2010.


1 comment:

Brian said...

Lol, f'in hilarious. I'm ok, I'm ok, uhh, ur not ok idiot