Thursday, August 19, 2010

NFL Preview Part 4 (AFC West)

This is the crappiest division in the NFL. San Diego should win 10 games just cause Philip Rivers is better than the rest of the AFC West QBs combined. (Jason Campbell, Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton). I'm not sure you could win the Super Bowl with an AFC West All-Star team. It would be what, Philip Rivers, Dwyane Bowe, Vincent Jackson and Jamal Charles as your best skill players?

And I hate the fact that Dwyane Wade has a different spelling of Dwayne than most, cause then I switch that crap out inadvertently. I blame LeBron.

Okay, so I got San Diego winning the division. The next 3 teams are a crapshoot. I like Josh McDaniels but don't think that offense can score enough. I think Oakland will improve, simply because they got JaMarcus Russell off the team, and I think Kansas City is a 6 win team. So, uh, here's my best guess.

1. San Diego (11-5)
2. Denver (7-9)
3. Kansas City (6-10)
4. Oakland (6-10)

I can't think of one thing about the AFC West that interests me. It's like the Grey's Anatomy of football as far as I'm concerned. It speaks to how bad this division is that the Chargers are down two big players to contract disputes, and it won't affect their chance at the division title one bit. The biggest issue with them is keeping themselves interested all season, kind of like me when I'm playing Wii Mario Kart. I'm so awesome I have to invent challenges to keep my interest (until the game give my opponents 18 blue shells in a row).

Denver...Tim Tebow...don't care.

I kind of feel bad for Kansas City. I don't know why, but they've always seemed like the most non-descript team in the league. Never that good, but never bad enough to get a star player in the draft. Now they pin their hopes on Matt Cassel. Between them and the Royals, that city is underrated when it comes to tortured fans. And I won't even start on the brand new arena they build specifically to lure and NBA or NHL team that 3 years later is still vacant.

And the Raiders are the Raiders. Whatever.

1: San Diego (10-6)
2: Kansas City (5-11)
3: Denver (5-11)
4: Oakland (4-12)

I love the fact that the majority of our previews revolves around, "man, that team is boring and I have nothing to say about them." I think our AFC West and AFC South previews were pretty much identical. We praise the Colts and Chargers and are completely bored by every other team. Good job us!

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