Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stay Classy, Andy Kennedy

Unintential comedy found itself a new member of the troupe. It’s Ole Miss basketball coach, Andy Kennedy. For starters, read this story.

The real gem of this situation can be found in the Clarion Ledger’s story about Kennedy and the Ole Miss-Louisville game tonight. Here’s the link.

My favorite parts are the following:

“For Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy, the first month of the basketball season has been about pushing, prodding, mixing and matching, trying to figure out what makes this excruciatingly young team perform at its best.”

Apparently, punching a cab driver and using racial slurs is the latest in Kennedy’s line of unorthodox tries at motivating his team.

“It's a real team and I think their coach (Rick Pitino) has won a couple," Kennedy said with a wry smile. "They'll have a pretty good game plan will be my guess.”

No word on whether the cab driver was part of Pitino’s plan to undermine the Ole Miss coach.

"I feel pretty confident every night with what Chris and David are going to give us," Kennedy said. "That doesn't mean I always like it. They've got some issues. But I feel pretty good about what they're going to give us. Everybody else on our roster - everybody - I don't have a clue."

I wonder what Coach Kennedy does when Chris and David do something that he doesn’t like. Do they get punched in the face as well, or is that simply reserved for the taxi driving profession? If Kennedy thinks that his players have issues, I’m scared.

My favorite is that Kennedy says that he doesn’t have a clue what the rest of the roster will give him. I guess he was including himself. If you read between the lines, Kennedy was really saying, “I have no idea what the rest of the roster will give us. Maybe they’ll go out and get drunk and assault a cab driver. Maybe they’ll make use some racial slurs and get arrested. I just don’t know, ok!”

"This is why you work so hard," Kennedy said. "This is why you come to an SEC school - for the games such as this. National television. A national stage. One of the most storied programs in all of college basketball."

Something tells me that this is the complete opposite of why the players would come to an SEC school. Then again, I don't assault cab drivers, so what do I know?


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Maybe they’ll make use some racial slurs and get arrested.