Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's Ram It

Thanks to my friend Jorge for sending this to me. This video brings about tons of questions and commentary.

1. Why don’t they make professional sports team music videos anymore? How come this was only done in the ‘80s? Seriously, with the viral industry out there now, couldn’t teams become instantly hilarious and famous with some mock videos like this?

2. Did anyone on the set think that it might be a bad idea to put a bunch of dudes in tights on a set and start singing, “Ram it!”?

3. I like how one of the players sings, “Nobody dresses sweeter” and then it shows him wearing the exact same Rams uniform as every other player. How exactly is his uniform sweeter than the rest? I’m confused.

4. Remember, the redneck from W.V.A. says, “You can ram it all day and ram it all night.” No question needed.

5. Were some of these players really into this and thought it was good, while others were immediately embarrassed? Who wrote the song? Did they drink themselves into a stupor afterwards because they were so ashamed, or did they use it as a pick up line, “Yeah, I’m a musician. I just got done on the set of ‘Let’s Ram It,’ with the L.A. Rams. It’s going to be huge. No big deal.”

6. At the 2:32 mark, the Carlton dance was invented. Talk about an epic moment.

7. One of the guys claims, “With shades on I can catch BBs in the dark.” Did they tried to film a scene of him doing this, only it ended badly. I want to watch one of the Rammers catch a BB in the dark. Wait, is that a euphemism? Let’s move on.

8. How come you can tell every white guy is reading a teleprompter? Oh yeah, cause we have no rhythm.

9. Remember, if you “Ram it just right, you can ram it all night.” Sounds like a perfect senior quote to me.

10. Number 21 is the worst dancer of all-time. I’m glad that’s settled.

I don’t think this song will ever get out of my head.


Jorge said...

My first thought was that #21 was the choreographer who somehow convinced a bunch of jocks to go along with this, ostensibly as a way to promote the team, but really to live out his fantasy.

The interwebs inform me that he's actually Nolan Cromwell, a 4-time Pro Bowl safety. I don't know what to think anymore.

About Medicine Blog said...

Did they drink themselves into a stupor afterwards because
they were so ashamed, or did they use it as a pick up line