Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Screw You Mike and Chris, er, Drake and Josh

I have two Grizzlies season tickets and my fiancée has night class two nights a week and works two nights a week. Thus, if a Grizzlies game falls on one of these four nights, I usually ask a friend or my father to attend the game with me.

There’s a game coming up on Friday and I asked two of my friends to attend. My friend Mike simply told me he was busy. My friend Chris told me that he was attending a Drake and Josh watch party with Mike. I inquired, “What’s Drake and Josh?” I was told that it was a Nickelodeon show and that it was awesome.

Am I really 28 years old? I didn’t think that I’d ever get dumped for a Nickelodeon show, unless of course, I started hanging out with middle-schoolers. I have friends, in their twenties, that are going to spend their Friday night watching a show with the following premise (from Wikipedia):

“Drake & Josh focuses around the lives of Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, two teenagers who become stepbrothers when Drake's mother, Audrey Parker-Nichols and Josh's father, Walter Nichols, got married. Drake is portrayed as an easygoing, simple, lucky teenager, while Josh is a smart, unlucky and unpopular teenager. They are often irritated by Drake's pre-teen sister, Megan Parker, who is evil to Drake and Josh. She never gets in trouble because she acts innocent around her parents. Walter, Josh's father, can be described as unlucky and clumsy, like Josh, and an outdated meteorologist, and Audrey, Drake and Megan's mom, is more strict than Walter, and is lucky and easygoing, like Drake. She is the only person in the family unaware of the torture they go through with Megan, as Walter begins to realize Megan is truly evil in seasons 3 and 4. Throughout the series, Drake and Josh go through many conflicts, misadventures, and misfortunes. The conflicts are mainly social, others include school, work and Megan, their devious "evil" sister.”

If this above description wasn’t enough to help you choose a side in this fight, here’s a clip from the movie my friends plan on watching Friday night.

Seriously, I have friends that are planning a Friday night around this? I would’ve accepted the fact that my friends didn’t want to attend the game for a multitude of reasons, but this isn’t acceptable. Do I stop talking to them? Do we reject their man card? Their adult card? How has my life come to this? Did I do something wrong?

First off, even if my friends liked this show, which is beyond comprehension, couldn’t they just record it and watch it later? Would you ever tell someone you watched it? Second, I could understand if they were fond of this show because they grew up watching it, but it was on TV from 2004-2007. They were watching this show in their twenties, not their teens. Lastly, how much money would it take for you to watch this show? If someone offered me $50 to watch this on Friday night, I’d politely decline, saying that my dignity is worth at least $75.


Chris W. said...

A) No Tivo to record.
B) We're drinking
C) I'm in a Grizzlies protest until Ivy is gone
D) I didn't really do much for most of college.

Brian said...

What can I say, even my sister laughed at this one.

About Health Blog said...

I would’ve accepted the fact that my friends didn’t want to attend the game for a multitude of reasons, but this isn’t acceptable.