Friday, April 17, 2009

The NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Preview

You know it’s bad when you procrastinate about writing a blog which is supposed to be for fun. Then again, when your Friday night consists of the following: cut grass, shower, eat Chick Fil-A, nap and write blog post, your life has definitely hit a lull.

Without further ado (and because the playoffs start in a little over 12 hours), the Chris Avis NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Preview.

Chicago @ Boston
Normally I’d pick Boston in 4 or 5 games and just move on. But with the Karma Police out in full force and eating away at KG’s knee, this series gets a little more interesting. As for the Karma Police, they’ve been doing some stellar work (injure A-Rod, banish TO, destroy KG’s knee). As much as I hate the Celtics and love D-Rose, I’m not silly enough to pick against Boston. The Celtics in 7.

Detroit @ Cleveland
Is this really a series? Could I be less interested? No I could not. Detroit sucks. They better make a big offseason acquisition or they’re about to be one of the worst teams in the league. Cleveland in 5.

Philadelphia @ Orlando
Two slumping teams. One of them has a front line of Thaddeus Young, Reggie Evans and Samuel Dalembert. The other one has Dwight Howard. How easy is this? Orlando in 5.

Miami @ Atlanta
Congratulations Eastern Conference, you have one interesting 1st round series! My gut told me not to pick against D-Wade. It also said, “Chick Fil-A was awesome.” But the more I thought about it, the more Atlanta looked like the pick. When is the last time someone said that? Boston won the title last year and couldn’t even win a game in Atlanta in the playoffs. Miami will this year? Plus, Atlanta was 3-1 vs. Miami this year. That has to mean something right?

I’d tell you all my other Eastern Conference predictions, but for some reason Graham only gave his 1st round picks, not the whole playoff bracket. If you know me, I’m not going to go the extra mile. Plus, Die Hard is on TV. What a Friday night!



Anonymous said...

Chick Fil-A sucks. Most overrated fast food joint there is. And the way it's spelled is annoying.

Oh, but I agree with most of your picks.


Chris said...

Make fun of my looks, make fun of my family, but leave Chick Fil-A out of this.

Anonymous said...

Dallas? Nailed it. Houston? Nailed it.

Never doubt the knowledge I drop.

And Chick-Fil-A...waffle fries? Terrible. Loves Chick-Fil-A, hates the movie Heat- who exactly have I chosen as my blogmate?