Sunday, March 29, 2009

This just in...again...Blockbuster sucks

I want to start out by saying this is my own fault. I knew better than to go to Blockbuster. As a matter of fact, I wrote about all the reasons why Netflix and pay-per-view are both more reasonable options than the dreaded yellow and blue chain.

So what did I do yesterday afternoon? My fiancée and I popped in our Netflix movie, Synecdoche, New York and suffered through 45 minutes of boredom and a Philip Seymour Hoffman sex scene before deciding, “Let’s go rent Quantum of Solace.” Of course, this would have to be rented from Blockbuster.

So we head to the closest Blockbuster only to discover it’s been closed. This isn’t shocking as we rent from there once every five months. So we drive to the second closest Blockbuster, 3 miles away. As I walk in, I notice that some old Xbox games are on sale and decide I’ll buy one. Then we begin perusing the movies as we’ve decided we’ll rent two movies today, Quantum of Solace and one other. As we’re looking at the movies, the back of my sandal accidentally hits a video game shelf behind me, knocking three video game covers from vertical to horizontal. I look down, make sure my sandal is on right and continuing looking at movies, not thinking much of it.

As my fiancée and I continue to browse the new releases, a Blockbuster employee yells out to me, sarcastically, “Do you want me to get these for you?” I look back and he’s putting the three video game covers from the horizontal to vertical position on the shelf that I hit. Stunned, I simply say yes. I look at my fiancée and say, “Let’s get out of here.”

I put the video game that I’m going to buy down and we walk out. As we walk out I walk past the employee that got mad at me. I look at his nametag and say, “Does that say Bob?” He replies yes and starts to walk away. As he walks away I say to him, “That’s why your stores are closing, because you’re a bunch of jackasses.” He replies, “Have a nice day,” and we walk out.

Seriously? I accidentally hit a shelf. I didn’t even think to put them back up. I apologize for this egregious error on my part. I’m so sorry to put you out Bob. I’m sorry that you had to lift a finger on a Saturday afternoon. It took you, what, 25 seconds? If you don’t want to put up with customers, then don’t work in CUSTOMER SERVICE. Service! Do you know what that means? I’m sorry that you’re 35 and working at Blockbuster for $6/hour because you spent your twenties playing Dungeons and Dragons in your parents’ basement instead of going to college. That really is my fault and I deserve for you to get pissed off at me.

Thanks alot Bob, and thanks Blockbuster.



BuelahMan said...

It amazes me how self important and callous some ppl can be.

I wonder if "Bob" grew up in a house with a basement, much like you or if he had the opportunity to go to college on his mom and dad's nickel (just like you)?

Maybe Bob saw that you are the pompous, elitist asshole that you are and called you on it.

F him?


(10 days away from Memphis does not include that Spring Break where you got the herpes you gave to your fiancée)

Anonymous said...

ever thought he had a bad day and you where the 50th person that day to carelessly mess something up with no concern at all? I take it you do not venture out much sense you rent everthing by mail order service. I assume thats how you got your girlfriend, "Mailorder brides are us", because your both so ugly no one wants either of you! Your comments were only about you and how you were dissed! you have no idea what that person has had to deal with, with todays economy he may have been a laid off worker that built your car, house or another type of worker that help you and now he is barley scraping by working at blockbuster to feed his family striving to stay off the govemental programs because he has some pride left and not costing you and me more tax dollars out of our checks! Which come to think of it you do stay home alot watching movies, whats your job? are you costing me and that hard working american our tax dollars? Do you work in corp america and cost more people their jobs so you can get a bonus?
From: We the People

Anonymous said...

LOL. That rant by "We the People" may be the funniest response I've ever read to a blog. Not funny because of how true it is, but funny because of how incredibly stupid it is.

It goes from the line of, "Bob was just probably having a bad day" to "Bob probably got laid off from a job building your car and at least he's working and because you have time to watch a movie on a Saturday afternoon you must be on welfare."

WTF? Normal people with careers usually have the weekend off...

I'm guessing that's Bob and he works at Blockbuster because he's a complete moron.

Chris W. said...

What is "barley scraping"?

Chris said...

Wow...I'm glad to see that Bob has some support out there.

First off, parents didn't pay for my college education, it's called a scholarship, they give those out to people that can spell correctly.

Second, I don't think Bob built my house since it was built about 50+ years ago.

Third, since when did watching a movie on a Saturday mean I didn't have a job? What the hell is that?

Last, thanks for the comments. They made my day.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I like the herpes bit. WTF?! Anyways, I've been laid-off from my job too, but I'm here to tell you that angry people like Bob should not work in retail if they hate it so much. It is called "customer service" for a reason. Customers out there do things everyday to anger employees, but this is not an excuse to angrily fight back. Not professional. If we all walked around everyday telling everyone what we thought all the time, well, we'd live in a world much like the one today. A shitty one. To Bob - there are worthier causes out there to fight for. Chris and Graham, I'm so excited people out there are reading your thoughts, even if those people are assholes that don't know what they're talking about! :-)

MC said...

To #1 anonymous and Blah-BlahMan:

1. Chris and I (his fiancee) paid our way through undergrad and graduate school.

2. I was recently laid off from my job, believe me, we know that life is not easy.

3. There are no basements in Memphis - it's a flooding issue.

4. We're not pompous or elitists. We support the little people with everything we have (which isn't much). That is why we have been Netflix supporters for many, many years - even before they were big.

5. Yes, we're really lazy. We sit around watching movies on a Saturday after working really tough weeks. How lazy of us.

6. I'm glad you're reading the blog! :-)

7. We're not ugly, but you are right, I was a mail order bride straight from Paraguay, South America.

8. I do not have herpes.

Keep reading!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the real story- Why on earth did Chris rent Synecdoche, New York? I can't believe he publicly admitted to seeing even 2 minutes of that movie.


Anonymous said...

I just saw BluelahMan's comments...

I love how he makes condescending remarks and then hurls that elitist insult.

When you're talking down to someone, calling them elitist really makes sense. /sarcasm

Raquel said...

Chris, the blog was good but i have to say that buelah man and "we the people" were better. that was hilarious. hilariously retarded. now back to the blog, "you spent your twenties playing Dungeons and Dragons instead of going to college," kind of scares me. because Adam has forgone monday night poker for D&D.

and i always knew you paid Margie.