Monday, March 9, 2009

RTS to Flying Saucer - You're Lame

I went to the University of Memphis basketball game on Saturday and saw this sitting in my seat.

So is this the lamest promotion ever? Seriously, I get a free giant pretzel if a Tigers' player makes "20 free throw points." I'm going to watch each free throw with dire anticipation!

First off, who the hell calls them "free throw points." Couldn't you just say, "If a Tigers' player makes 20 free throws."

Second, is the economy so bad that The Flying Saucer couldn't actually afford to give away a free pretzel? The entire Memphis team took 15 free throws and only made 7. How the hell is one player going to make 20 in a game? I haven't seen a wager this safe since Chevy Chase bet against Rocky. (Are Dirty Work references acceptable?)

Lastly, even if a Tigers' player miraclously hit 20 free throws in the game, the promotion would only be good for 10 hours or so? I love that even more. "Hey, we know this will never happen, but on the .001% chance that it does, you have 10 hours to rush over here and get your pretzel." Thanks Flying Saucer, you big bag of douches.



Anonymous said...

That's pathetic. Consider that in NBA history (I don't recognize college basketball until the tournament), only 52 times in league history has a player made 20 FTs:

Hey Flying Saucer, maybe give a way a free side of fries if someone hits 17 threes in a game.


Chris said...

I'm giving away free beer at my house when the Grizzlies win 73 regular season games. Tonight only!