Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Unintentional comedy commercial

Is this the worst commercial of all time? I absolutely love it.

“My new computer started out fast, REALLY FAST, now it’s just kinda fast.”

I love the techno music that starts in, presumably to get me pumped up about their product. Is your computer slow? Well then buy this product! Feel the energy of this beat!

Next, they have the “simulation” that shows how fast a download is after you use their software. Man, that simulation looks so legitimate. Look at how fast that computer was! Where can I buy this?

The guy at the end of the commercial has to be the worst actor in the history of TV. I bet he has the following exchange at parties:

Person 1: You look familiar.
Finally Fast Actor: Uh, I think I just have one of those faces.
Person 1: No, I mean, I’m positive I’ve seen you somewhere before. Dave, doesn’t he look familiar?
Dave: Oh, holy crap, it’s the Finally Fast guy!
Person 1: No way!
Finally Fast Actor: Uh, I, uh, don't know, uh, what you're talking about.
Dave: (in retarded voice) My computer is fast. Finally! Finally!
Person 1 high fives Dave. Finally Fast Actor walks away shaking head.


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