Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pop Culture Waste Site

So I’m sitting in Sports Clips yesterday waiting patiently to get my hair cut for the first time in 8 months and one of the ESPN channels is being broadcast throughout the place. It’s apparently some random College Football show that’s focusing on the University of Florida.

Two things made me want to punch myself in the face.

Part of the show was focusing on who had the best chance to be the Florida quarterback in 2010. Yep, that’s right, there was some “expert” on talking about which player had the best chance to play for the Gators in 2010, or, according to my calculations, about 1.75 years from now. Seriously, this is the best programming ESPN could come up with at 4:30 p.m.? I guess they didn’t have enough time to make 2012 NBA playoff predictions.

Second, during the 30 minutes or so that I was in Sports Clips, I watched/heard the Tim Tebow clip, “No team will play harder….god bless,” not once, but twice. This is roughly the 3,752 time I’ve heard this clip in the past 4 months. It’s time to take that clip outside, shoot it and bury it. How do we make this happen? Seriously, why can’t we get overexposure to a clip like this one from “nice guy” Chris Paul instead?

While we’re on the subject, I’ve got two more questions. I’m a sports fan and the ESPN programming at Sports Clips over a 30 minute span gave me a headache. How long is it before a female Sports Clips employee gets so fed up with the constant sports blathering and takes a pair of scissors and stabs someone in the neck? I’m betting that “going postal” gets replaced with “got sports clipped” sometime in the 21st century. I just hope it’s not me.

Lastly, can’t we, as a society, vote on certain clips, songs, commercials, etc. to have erased from public consciousness? The Tebow clip never needs to be shown again. We have nuclear waste dump sites. Can’t we have an overused pop culture waste center as well? I’m nominating the Tebow clip, along with “Who Let the Dogs Out.” I’m sure we could come up with 100 more right off the bat to get the ball rolling. (Five Dollar Footlong commercials, Lemme lemmme lemme upgrade you commercial, the Macarena, the Bud Light drinkability commercials, any truck commercial, Dennis Leary, the Real World...). I’m sure Graham has got a list as well.



Anonymous said...

Pop Culture/sports topics that need to be destroyed:

-Adam Sandler

-College football

-The YMCA song

-Wedding invitations sent by mail

-The Royal family

-Jack Johnson/John Mayer

-The Saved by Zero ad

-Kenny Mayne


-Mixed martial arts

-Without naming names and giving them undeserved publicity, a certain blog written about a certain NBA team based in Memphis.

I better stop there.


Chris said...

Adam Sandler - Yes. I'm embarressed I didn't put that above Who Let the Dogs Out.

College Football - No, but the BCS and Bowl System, yes.

Everything else, Yes, but MMA and Jack Johnson. How can you not like MMA? Or rather, how can you hate it? I can see not caring, but really, it's not so popular that you can't avoid it. You shouldn't be sent to the pop culture waste site unless you've become so overexposed that it can't be avoided, even if you try. MMA can be avoided. Just don't watch Spike or order pay-per-views. That was simple.