Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's War

You know the Seinfeld episode where George thinks Elaine is sticking it to him. It happened to me today at work.

I walk into my team meeting this afternoon and I see some candy on my supervisor’s desk. I make the joke, “Why don’t you ever have candy that I like?”

My boss then turns around and asks me if I want any of the candy she got for “Bosses Day.” She shows me this purple plastic pumpkin (say that 5 times fast) filled with tons more candy. I reply, “Today is Bosses Day? Who gave you that?” She then goes on to tell me it was given to her by two of my coworkers, Sandy and Leslie.

What the hell is that? Seriously, they couldn’t include me on this? How much would my share have been, $4? My coworkers are dead to me. That’s the line in the sand. There’s only 4 people on our team here today, and 2 of them get a Bosses Day gift together and me and the other one, Susanne get left out. WTF?

After the meeting I ask Susanne what was up with Sandy and Leslie sticking it to us? She said that when I was out at lunch, they came to her and asked if they should do anything about Bosses Day. All 3 of them agreed that it probably wasn’t a big deal to our boss and it was left at that. The next thing that happens is that the Sandy and Leslie went out and got something, before I got back from lunch and they could ask me if I wanted in on it, and after they agreed it wasn’t a big deal.

Way to make me look stupid! I appreciate that. The funniest part about the whole story is that Sandy said one of the reasons she didn’t want to get a Bosses Day gift is that she didn’t have a ton of money. So she didn’t have $5 to spend on some stupid pumpkin and some candy, and then she goes and does it anyway? To say I’m perplexed is an understatement. The only thing I know for sure, is that I got some coworkers that are sticking it to me. STICKING IT!


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Health Blog said...

Today is Bosses Day? Who gave you that. She then goes on to tell me it was given to her by two of my coworkers, Sandy and Leslie.