Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Grizzlies, heckling, Arcade Fire and cool Canadians

Remember when Rick Reilly picked Denver in the Conference Finals? They were only 7 wins short of his prediction. So close!

Man, and Reilly's never wrong!

How are you feeling about the Grizz tonight?

I'm feeling like I shouldn't have had that last beer after the concert last night.

Ok, here's how I feel about the Grizz.

a. I plan on going to the game. The Grizz are 0-6 when I'm in the building in the playoffs, and 2-0 when I’m not. If they lose, it really is my fault.

b. A lot of the local media is glossing over the game 5 loss. “It was a tough but expected loss. The way it was lost was just absurd. This team is mentally strong and will bounce back. No need to worry. All is well.” I'm completely opposite. I know, KNOW, the loss was a fluke and I don't think that the loss, in itself, will affect tonight's game. However, with all but 1 game coming down to the wire, what's to say that this one doesn't come down to the wire as well, with us on the wrong end of it. That's a completely legit outcome. And that scares the shit out of me. What if Z-Bo or Shane misses a 3 in the final minute tonight? What if Jefferson finally hits one? I'm concerned. I'm not concerned that we'll play poorly or anything. I'm just concerned we'll be on the losing end of a tight game.

c. Uh, am I still doing letter points after the last one was an incoherent mess?

d. Yes, and I'm answering my own questions with 1 sentence answers, Calkins-style.

e. Alright, enough of that. Bottom line. This is the first "must win" game of the series for the Grizz. Maybe Game 3 was a bit like that as well. But this feels like a must-win for both teams. The winner of this game advances. I really think that goes for both us (obvious) and them. We will not win game 7 in San Antonio. I just pray to god the refs don't get whistle happy on the flops the Spurs pull all the damn time. The Spurs average 37 free throws in SA and only 23 in Memphis (via Chris Herrington). As long as I don't watch an f-ing free throw contest tonight between Ginobili and Parker, I'm calling this a Grizz win. 97-90. The bench keys the win by building a double digit margin late in the 3rd and the Spurs never get the lead again.

f. If the Grizz lose, post this email as the final one on RTS. I'll be wading in the Mississippi River immediately after the game.

Biggest thing is not getting down early again like Game 5. Can't imagine the Spurs are going to cough up too many more double digit leads. But this team doesn't seem intimidated by the moment like the first Grizz playoff teams did. I actually have a pretty good feeling they will win tonight. Amazing- here I am typing that I have a pretty good feeling the #8 Grizz can take out the #1 Spurs.

Yeah, it's really absurd to think about the expectations these Grizzlies have created for themselves. At this point, it would seem that it would be an upset for the Spurs to win the series. And I think the Grizz have a better chance against the Thunder than the Spurs do, as well.

I was thinking about this today in the shower. The Grizzlies almost beat the Spurs 4-1. Think about that. 4-1 is dominant by any measure, but Grizzlies 4, Spurs 1? Spurs the 1 seed, Grizz the 8...Spurs with homecourt advantage, and it took 2 fluke shots just to force a freaking game 6.

If the Grizz were going to win the series, it would have to be in 6 games. That's what anyone would've thought. Well, here it is. Let's do this.

Please don't tell me anything about your showers again. I picture you naked enough as it is, it's starting to get awkward.

How was the Arcade Fire?

I can't come back from that.

Arcade Fire was good. The show was excellent but I thought they should've played a little more. I think they played about an hour and 40 minutes. I wanted 2 hours. But they are easily the coolest Canadians I know. Number 2 is Alan Thicke. You're a distant 3rd.

Funny story about last night. I was standing in the beverages line and I happened to see the Spurs Media Relations guy walking to get a coke. I'm not quite sure why I recognized him, but I know that he had 0% clue who I was. Anyway, as I see him walking towards me, I just start saying, "Booo, booo Spurs" until he looks at me. He just laughed a little as he walked by. I bet he was standing there going, "how the hell does that guy know I work for the Spurs." He was in plain clothes. Anyway, that's how I roll. He was in Grizz country. I had to let him know I was there man. He was with Matt Bonner and Richard Jefferson. I was a little depressed those guys had good taste in music.

I know I can't compete with the Arcade Fire and Alan Thicke, but I'm cooler than Alex Trebek? Sweet.

Nice that you heckled the PR guy. Well played.

You beat Trebek and Bryan Adams. I think you buttered me up talking about how often you picture me naked. I think our emails just jumped the shark. I used "buttered" and "me naked" in the same sentence.

Watch us put up a preview that they'll win, and go out and lose by 30. We'll be the Rick Reillys of the blogosphere!

Except cooler. You ARE number 3 in my Canadian Power Rankings.

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