Friday, July 24, 2009

Some thoughts on a Friday

-I like the 90s as much as anyone, but I'm going to call for a 5-year moratorium on radio stations playing Nirvana songs. Look, I liked Kurt and the boys as much as anyone, but given they have a limited catalog, it's the same 4 songs all the time. I'd be ok if they played some of the album tracks, but most radio program directors would rather soak their nipples in acid than play a song people haven't already heard of, so instead we get to hear Teen Spirit 4 billion times. I need a break.

-Speaking of Nirvana, isn't "What if Kurt Cobain had never killed himself?" the greatest music what if of all time? I me an, it was a great career move, no question, because that was a band that had no long-term prospects. But what would have become of Dave Grohl? Would he have stayed with Nirvana much longer? Would the Foo Fighters have ever been born? And if Grohl did leave, had Kurt not killed himself in 1994, would he have done it in 1998 when Dave Grohl became bigger than him?

-Why in God's name should I care that Steve Spurrier left Tim Tebow off his preseason All-SEC ballot? The only thing I care less about is Comic-Con.

-Speaking of Time Tebow, thanks SI, for the 3,000,000th Tim-Tebow-is-awesome feature this week. I had no idea he liked Jesus. Thanks.

-Could the Angels just lose a damn game or two?

-Things I have no idea what to make of: Jarrod Washburn's sudden dominance, Dahntay Jones being worth $11 million, and my parents listening to The National.

-So Pete Yorn knows it's ok to put a few faster songs on an album, right? After Nightcrawler, which was slower than Zach Randolph trying to get up the floor, he puts out Back and Fourth, a decent effort, but comprised almost entirely of slow songs. Where's Life on a Chain? Crystal Village? Come on Pete, kick it up a notch, we know you have it in you.

-As a Packers fan, I'm not concerned about Favre possibly signing with Minnesota. A 40 year-old QB who bombed last season and is coming off shoulder surgery? Whatever. Bring it.

-Similarly, as much as everyone loves Jay Cutler in Chicago, his receivers probably couldn't cut it in the CFL.

-Deadspin sucks. You can't link to the Erin Andrews video for cheap page views, then turn around and talk about how disgusting the video is. I'd always been on the fence about Deadspin, but this just pushed it over the top.

-If you're not careful, you're next The Big Lead.

-HBO's Hung...Meh. I'm not ready to give up on it yet, but I'm perilously close to cancelling my subscription when the current season of Entourage ends. And in fact, if this season is all about E's love life, I may cancel before then.

-Only a few weeks until Psych and Mad Men start. Finally, some decent summer TV is just around the corner.


Chris said...

1. You listen to music on the radio? That's so 90s of you.

2. I thought the greatest music question of all-time was, "Who would win in a fight between the Backstreet Boys and NKOTB?"

3. Tim Tebow, more hated than JJ Redick? Discuss.

4. Baseball...meh.

5. Dahntay Jones isn't worth $11 million. He's just been given the right to blow $11 million on Escalades and strippers.

6. Still haven't listened to the new Pete Yorn album. Downloaded it and haven't gotten to it yet. What does that say about him?

7. Refuse to talk about Brett Favre.

8. Greg Olsen...sleeper.

9. Never really got into deadspin. It's a novelty that worn off before it took off.

10. Canceled HBO couple of years ago. Don't miss it. Showtime is where it's at.

11. Almost done with Mad Men season 2. Ready for 3 to start.

Anonymous said...

SO excited about Mad Men!